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Litter I

Zephyr Xylem x Topthorne Captain

Litter I

Xylem x Captain

Due: 17th July 2013
Born: 17th July 2013 (day 23)
Where: The litter will be raised here.
Why: The Topthorne line is extremely robust in terms of health and they live long lives. We're hoping to work on this and incorporate that into our other line which is partially made up of Zephyr rats. So we're hoping that this pure Zephyr to pure Topthorn cross will give us some nice rats to merge into our other line and lessen the impact of another outcross on a line that is already far too outcrossed.
Expecting: Agouti, black, chocolate agouti, chocolate, british blue agouti and british blue. Some of the babies will be carry american mink, english mink, pink eye dilute and dumbo but, of course, we won't know for sure who carries what initially.

Zephyr Xylem

Topthorne Captain

24th June 2013 - Mated

17th July 2013 - 11 born on day 23 of gestation; 8 boys and 3 girls.


Doe 1 - chocolate - staying here
Doe 2 - chocolate agouti - staying here
Doe 3 - chocolate agouti - staying here


Buck 1 - british blue - booked
Buck 2 - chocolate agouti - booked
Buck 3 - chocolate agouti - booked
Buck 4 - chocolate - booked
Buck 5 - chocolate - booked
Buck 6 - agouti - booked
Buck 7 - agouti - booked
Buck 8 - black - booked

All availability information was correct when published on 10th August 2013.

Day 0 (just after birth) - everyone. I don't normally get to see the babies on the very first day but Xylem was a bit distressed (probably due to the heatwave) so we were having a bit of a cuddle when I snuck this picture!
Day 5 - everyone
Day 6 - boys
Day 6 - girls
Day 18 - agouti boys
Day 18 - chocolate agouti boys
Day 18 - chocolate boys
Day 18 - black and british blue boy
Day 18 - girls