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Litter D

Valiance Valerie x Valiance Gentian

Litter F

Valerie x Gentian

When: Mated 4th November 2011
Why: This is a brother to sister mating made to try to bring problems to the surface and to try to concentrate the good points in this line. Their parents, Serenity and Pilfered, were mated on a bit of a gamble that we hope will pay off! Both come from a mix of robust lines but they were both a bit of a mix genetically. Valerie especially is very beautiful, Gentian is a bit small for a buck but has lovely type and the best personality of all his siblings.
What: Hoping for typey, muscular rats with a naughty but nice temperament in black, agouti, russian blue and russian blue agouti. Some will be essex, all will carry american mink. Small chance of dove.

4th November 2011: Mated

25th November 2011: 9 born, 5 boys and 4 girls.


Girl One - russian blue essex
Girl Two - russian blue agouti essex
Girl Three - russian buff
Girl Four - agouti based siamese


Boy One - russian blue siamese essex
Boy Two - russian buff essex
Boy Three - russian topaz
Boy Four - champagne
Boy Five - seal point siamese