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Litter D

Halcyon Serenity Scaramonkey x Zephyr Pilfered



Litter E

Serenity x Pilfered

When: Mated 4th March 2011
Why: Serenity and Pilfered were mated on a bit of a gamble that we hope will pay off! Both come from a mix of robust lines and we hope to concentrate this robustness in their offspring after a few generations. Both have lovely physical type and are very naughty but nice!
What: Hoping for typey, muscular rats with a naughty but nice temperament in black, agouti, russian blue and russian blue agouti. Some will be essex, all will carry american mink. Small chance of dove.

4ht March 2011: Mated

27th March 2011: 10 born, 3 boys and 7 girls.


Girl One - agouti
Girl Two - agouti essex
Girl Three - black
Girl Four - black
Girl Five - agouti essex
Girl Six - black essex


Boy One - black essex
Boy Two - agouti
Boy Three - russian blue agouti