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Litter B

Shunamite Takes the Biscuit x Shunamite Seize the Day



Litter B

Siouxsie x Kit

When: Mated 26th September
Why: Hoping to cement the special temperament in Kit with a view to introducing it to our line.
What: Hoping for mini-kits in agouti and american cinnamon, possibly black and american mink. Small possibility of topaz and buff. Some will be dumbo.

26th September 2010: Mated

16th October 2010: Siouxsie moved into her nursery cage, she has put on 113g

18th October 2010: 14 born, one dead.

19th October 2010: Birth was probably traumatic, looking at blood loss and bruising/swelling on the babies. Lost 4 overnight. Others looking ok, but fingers crossed for them. Siouxsie is a calm and attentive Mum, she appears to be in full health. Made a guess at varieties and genders, listed below, this may be wrong as it's hard to tell when they are this young! Watch for changes as they grow.


Girl One - mismarked agouti irish dumbo
Girl Two - cinnamon dumbo
Girl Three - black topeared
Girl Four - agouti top eared


Boy One - mismarked agouti irish topeared
Boy Two - cinnamon dumbo
Boy Three - cinnamon dumbo
Boy Four - agouti dumbo
Boy Five - agouti dumbo

Day 1 - whole litter
Day 2 - whole litter
Day 2 - how cute!
Day 4 - getting big
Day 14 - girls
Day 14 - boys (there is one at the bottom of the pile!)
Day 15 - Girl One
Day 15 - Girl Two
Day 15 - Girl Three
Day 15 - Girl Four
Day 15 - Boy 1
Day 15 - Boy 2
Day 15 - Boy 3
Day 15 - Boy 4
Day 15 - Boy 5