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Litter A - The Bobigmas

Zephyr Bob Along x Zephyr Enigma

Zephyr Bob Along

Zephyr Enigma

For the family tree of these kittens please see their genealogy chart.

Enigma x Bobbie When: February 2010
Why: Enigma is a gorgeous rat, we cannot pass up the chance to mate him. Bobbie is very bouncy and playful while Enigma is more sedate but very much a people rat with a real intelligent spark to him. These two are the nicest type wise out of the siblings and they are are also our best chance of russian blue kittens.
What: Hoping for bouncy, intelligent rats with typey muscular bodies in black, russian blue, american mink and dove. Possibility of chocolate based colours. In an ideal world we would keep a dove doe and a russian blue doe.

We kept two girls from this litter: Missy, the russian blue doe, and Dolly, a black doe.

Valiance Titus, a russian blue buck, and Valiance Pike, a black buck, went to live with Sarah in North Yorkshire, UK.

Valiance Thumbling the Journeyman, the smallest mink runt, went to live with Kyra and Tom at Atlas Rats.

Valiance The Third Brother aka Ignotus or Iggy, the bigger mink runt, and Valiance He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named aka Morty, the black runt, went to live with Stacey in Lancs, UK.

Valiance Tiny, a mink buck, and Valiance Roger, a black buck, went to live with Lee and Jade in Surrey, UK.

Valiance Made You Look aka Luke, a russian blue buck, and Valiance Limited Edition aka Limi, a black buck, went to live with Jemma in Cumbria, UK.

Valiance Jazz, the mink doe, and Valiance Lola, a black doe, went to live with Kevin and Lynne in Surrey, UK.

Valiance Plague, a black buck, and Valiance Ludo, a mink buck, went to live with Carly in Lancs, UK.


2 black
1 mink
1 russian blue


5 black
4 mink
2 russian blue

15th February: mated

6th March 2010: Bobbie built an elaborate nest in the main cage using all the hammocks from the cage, all the bedding and various items she gathered from the room outside her cage! So she moved into the nursery cage early.

7th March 2010: Bobbie now weighs 484g, that is an increase of 142g

10th March 2010: Bobbie gave birth between 17:25 and 19:00

11th March 2010: 15 surviving, 1 dead. Guessing at 10 boys and 5 girls!

17th March 2010: The runty girl is actually a runty boy! That means 11 boys and 4 girls.

18th March 2010: We can now see the colours developing clearly

22nd March 2010: The babies eyes are just starting to open now.

13th April 2010: The runts weigh 80, 98 and 101g now and all the others are between 110 and 166g.

Day 1 - whole litter
Day 5 - whole litter
Day 8 - boys
Day 8 - girls
Day 8 - russian blues
Day 8 - minks
Day 8 - blacks
Day 10 - blacks
Day 10 - russian blues
Day 10 - minks
Day 10 - the three runts. All boys.
Day 10 - the smallest runt on a mountain of his bigger siblings.
Day 10 - teeth!
Day 10 - smiling.
Day 12 - all
Day 14 - all
Day 14 - russian blue girl
Day 14 - mink girl
Day 14 - black girl 1
Day 14 - black girl 2
Day 14 - black boy 1
Day 14 - black boy 2
Day 14 - black boy 3
Day 14 - black boy 4
Day 14 - black boy 5
Day 14 - mink boy 1
Day 14 - mink boy 2
Day 14 - mink boy 3
Day 14 - mink boy 4
Day 14 - russian blue boy 1
Day 14 - russian blue boy 2
Day 15 - milk bar!
Day 15 - russian blue girly is ready to come out into the big wide world.
Day 15 - trying some solid food
Day 15 - baby pile!
Day 15 - Mum refuels
Day 18 - koala impression
Day 18 - you has flavour?
Day 18 - Tiny Tom
Day 23 - russian blue boys
Day 23 - runty mink and runty black
Day 23 - Tiny Tom
Day 23 - russian blue girl
Day 23 - black boys
Day 33 - minks & russian blues
Day 33 - blacks
Day 33 - silly sleeping russian blue boy