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Shunamite Takes the Biscuit

How do we introduce Kit?!

He is just perfect, well, apart from his ears being in the wrong place (he is a dumbo, Alison prefers top-eared!).

Alison had always wanted to have some Shunamite rats as they epitomise her ideal ratty temperament, plus they are often agouti and top eared which is one of her favourite varieties! So she went on the Shunamite waiting list.....in 2006. Obviously she had to work her way up the waiting list and then she wasn't ready for babies and then Alison went through a difficult time with her rats, but finally some babies were born. One of those babies turned out to be an American cinnamon!

Kit is very playful, very kitten-like and extremely licky. He loves people, he is confident and outgoing and he loves his food! He really is our ideal rat in terms of temperament.

Origins: Shunamite Stud
Sex: Male
Birthday: 1st February 2009
Weight: 682g
Variety: American cinnamon dumbo.
Cage: Unbranded aviary
Personality: Bouncy, outgoing, playful. Like a really confident puppy!
Health Perfect to date.
Known genetics: A/a R/r mo/mo, American cinnamon carrying red eye and self.
Status: Breeding buck
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