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Husbandary ethics

The following represents the ethical stance of Valiance Rats:

  • Rats are highly social and should live with the company of another rat or rats of the same gender. If they are neutered then rats of different genders may live together.
  • Rats should live in a suitable habitat and environment, with adequate space, ventilation, temperature control and access to clean, safe bedding, food and water.
  • Rats should have their individual needs considered and met. These include daily human attention, mental stimulation, physical challenges, age appropriate activities and regular time outside of their cage.
  • Rats must be kept safe. This includes suitable, well maintained cages that are escape proof and a safe environment for free range exploration.
  • Rats should be protected from fear and distress. They should be kept safe from other pets who are natural predators.
  • Rats should have access to prompt veterinary care when needed, including emergency care out-of-hours.
  • Rats should be sourced only from people that promote the well-being of all rats and other pet animals, such as good rescues and responsible breeders, or through rehoming for free privately.
  • We are actively against intensive farming, we support pet shops with ethics we are comfortable with and source organic, free range meat and eggs (directly from the farm if possible). We do not consider paying a breeder, shop or private owner for a rat to be rescuing (obviously this does not included a donation to genuine charities or rescue centres).
  • A person can have too many rats (though how many is too many will vary between individuals). We do not promote the ill considered accumulation of rats and will keep our numbers at manageable levels for us and for the rats.
  • A person can also have too many rats for their accommodation. Rats should not be kept in rented accommodation without the landlord's written permission. This is a common reason for rehoming.
  • We promote both rat rescue and responsible breeding.

Breeding ethics

The following represents the ethical stance of Valiance Rats with regard to breeding rats.

  • We are open to informal visits by prospective rat owners, current rat owners, people that wish to home kittens from us and others that are just curious, by arrangement.
  • Rats with poor temperament will never be bred from, as temperament is a largely genetic trait. Poor temperament includes, but is not limited to, rats that are aggressive towards humans or other rats; rats that are excessively timid towards humans or other rats.
  • Only rats that have a history of excellent health, and are of good size, shape and weight will be bred from. As we are not working with a totally new variety we will not breed from a rat without adequate family history.
  • All line data is kept and graphics detailing some data will be made available on this website. Complete data sets are available upon request.
  • All sensitive information (for example, the addresses of those that have rats from us) will be kept in locked files. This will not be made available to anyone other than the police if this is ever necessary. If no longer needed this information will be shredded or permanently deleted.
  • We aim to maintain in our rats a type specified by the General Conformation Standards set out by the NFRS.
  • Although we will never breed 'to demand' we will always try to ensure we have adequate homes for the babies before breeding.
  • The killing of adult or baby rats for any reason other than unsupportable life is unnecessary and unacceptable in our rattery. Where a doe is ill or dies and is unable to raise her babies herself every attempt will be made to find a foster mother.
  • Kittens not kept by us will be placed in homes where they will be properly cared for to a standard we deem suitable, this is detailed here.
  • Retired adults will be kept by us, unless it is in the best interest of the rat concerned.
  • We will offer support and advice to all owners of our rats throughout the rats' lives.
  • We will offer support and advice to those that need it and will support and advise new and established breeders alike when this is sought.
  • Potential and existing homes for our rats will be made aware of any health or temperament problem in rats related to their rats.
  • All kittens will be homed with a genealogy chart, new kitten pack if appropriate and a contract will be signed by both new owner and us.
  • Any rats homed from us must be returned to us at any point in the rats' life if, for whatever reason, their owners are no longer able to keep them. This includes rescues and rats we have bred. When our rats are returned to us, any rats our rats live with are also welcome. These may be rehomed at our discretion. No questions will be asked.