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Halcyon Serenity Scaramonkey

Serenity is a lovely girl, when she was given to us Lisa at Halcyon said that if we didn't take her she would keep her! Everyone loves Serenity, she is so bouncy and playful and loves nothing more than playing rough and tumble, whether it's with another rat or with you.

Her Mum was a little overzealous with grooming and removed some of Serenity's tail and ear when she was just a pinky. This doesn't affect her at all, although it can make her look extra cute! We may use her to breed from when she is a bit older as an outcross for the Bobbie branch of the Valiance line.

Name: Halcyon Serenity Scaramonkey
Origins:Halcyon Stud
Sex: Female
Birthday: 11th June 2010
Variety: Black
Cage: Unbranded tall aviary type.
Health: Perfect to date
Personality: Bouncy and always wants to play.
Known genetics: a/a Rb/rb R/? C/? Black carrying russian blue, possibly siamese (ch) and red eye dilute (r)
Status: Potential breeder doe