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Atlas Princess Consuela Banana-Hammock


Princess is a gorgeous girl, she is very very beautiful. Her headspot makes her look like she has a jewel or a tiara on her head, hence her name of Princess.

She is just incredible, she is confident and playful and has our ideal ratty temperament. She is into everything and nothing phases her. She is gorgeous physically too, hopefully she will make some nice babies for us and the pink-eyed gene won't mess things up too much!

Name: Atlas
Origins:Atlas Rats
Sex: Female
Birthday: 9th March 2010
Variety: Russian champagne essex
Cage: Unbranded tall aviary type
Health: Perfect to date.
Personality: Ideal, she is just perfect.
Known genetics: a/a p/p rb/rb Hro/H, russian champagne essex small, possibility of carrying dumbo
Status: Potential breeding doe.

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