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Valiance Miss Behaving


Ever since her eyes opened Missy has been curious about her world and bold and fearless in exploring it. Since she was 18 days old she has been first to the cage door asking to come out.

She is a very vocal little lady and will just squeak in conversation with you. She is very agile, very accurate and very fast. We are already head over heels in love with this girl!

Name: Valiance Miss Behaving
Origins: Bred here at Valiance Rats
Sex: Female
Birthday: 10th March 2010
Variety: Russian blue
Cage: Unbranded aviary type Health: Perfect to date
Personality: Bold, beautiful, intelligent and fearless, our own little Lara Croft.
Siblings at Valiance Rats: Dolly
Dam: Bobbie
Sire: Iggy
Known genetics: a/a Mo/mo rb/rb, russian blue carrying american mink, does not carry dumbo
Status: Potential breeding doe.

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