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Zephyr Little Latin Lupe Lu


Lulu is from a litter that was conceived, born and raised with Mary Giles of Zephyr Rats using her doe and a borrowed stud buck. Many many thanks go to her for all the hard work, I merely planned these babies so I can't take any credit for the litter! The aim of this litter was to produce our foundation rats carrying both american mink and russian blue that will go on to hopefully be the founding rats of our line.

She developed with one smaller eye, while we are going to have to watch for this in future litters we believe Lulu's smaller eye is due to injury in the nest. This doesn't stop her though and she is as pingy and mad as her sister Bobbie!.

She is always at the door wanting to come out, no matter what time of day. If you don't open the door she will chew on the bars, shake them wildly and try to open the door herself! She is a fantastic character and that is why we kept her as a non-breeding pet only doe, we just couldn't see our lives without her. It is a great shame that she has had a couple of nasal rattles and a wonky eye as I would definitely have bred from her otherwise.

Name: Zephyr Little Latin Lupe Lu
Origins:Zephyr Rats
Sex: Female
Birthday: 17th August 2009
Weight: 346g
Variety: Agouti essex
Cage: Sayama
Health: Nose rattle after show, cleared with no treatment. Nasal rattle after death of cagemates, cleared with no treatment.
Personality: Fantastic little girl, very friendly and into everything. Lots of energy for all the mischief she wants to get up to!
Siblings at Valiance Rats: Pils, Iggy, Pigmi and Bobbie
Status: Non-breeding, entire.

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