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Floss and her sisters, Petal and Spare, were impulse GMRs.

We went to a bbq with a lot of people we knew from the rat fancy. The person hosting the bbq had to nip out to pick up some rats from a feeder breeder that was getting rid of their rats. 11 baby girls came back with her.

They were tiny, thin and fluffy. All terrified and jumpy and didn't like to be handled at all, but Floss picked James out as her favourite human. She just sat on his shoulder like she wasn't a nervy baby at all. I told him that we couldn't take babies, especially not girls and he looked so heartbroken that I just sighed and picked out Petal! GMR spread around everyone at the bbq and most of the babies had been homed, only one pair remained. A friend of mine sidled up to me and said that if I took one of them she'd take the other, so we both went home with a trio. We called our third girl Spare as she was part of the spare pair!!

She is growing in confidence every day and comes straight to see us when we open the cage door, but she is still a little jumpy about being picked up.

She has grown an immense amount since she arrived and is about the size I would expect from a rescue girl of her age now.

Name: Floss
Origins: Rescue
Sex: Female, entire.
Birthday: Guestimated at 9th May 2009
Weight: 368g
Variety: Black hooded
Cage: Sayama
Relatives:Petal and Spare
Personality: Calm and gaining in confidence, getting nosier and friendlier by the day.
Health Chest infection, cleared with baytril.

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