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Zephyr Enigma


Enigma is from a litter that was conceived, born and raised with Mary Giles of Zephyr Rats using her doe and a borrowed stud buck. Many many thanks go to her for all the hard work, I merely planned these babies so I can't take any credit for the litter! The aim of this litter was to produce our foundation rats carrying both american mink and russian blue that will go on to hopefully be the founding rats of our line.

He is called Enigma because we were expecting black and agouti kittens, but some babies were born with red/pink eyes. We were marveling over the very small chance of siamese and british blue babies when they got darker and darker and then grew mink and cinnamon fur! Their father was from an inbred line that had only produced russian blue for many generations, he had american mink very very very far back in his pedigree and it had been carried all the way through the generations of inbreeding until he was mated up to an american cinnamon doe! We were thrilled as it means our chances of dove in the first few litters were greatly increased.

He is a gorgeous boy, playful and people orientated. He is calm and unruffled in all situations.

Name: Zephyr Engima
Origins:Zephyr Rats
Sex: Male
Birthday: 17th August 2009
Weight: 672g
Variety: American Mink
Cage: Unbranded aviary
Health: Perfect to date
Personality: Big boy that is active and muscular, a gentle giant.
Siblings at Valiance Rats: Pils, Bobbie, Pigmi and Lulu
Daughters at Valiance Rats: Dolly and Missy
Known genetics: a/a mo/mo Rb/rb, american mink carrying russian blue, does not carry dumbo.
Status: Breeding buck
Litters sired:Litter A

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