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Little Bean


She was originally called Bean, but she is so tiny she quickly became Little Bean. She lives up to her name by being full of beans, bounce and joie de vivre. She is a squawky and squeaky little madam, mostly because she is indignant that you picked her up just as she was about to get into mischief. She is really lovely and has really stolen our hearts.

She is usually found in many hairy situations, I've learnt that it's best just not to look.....

Name: Little Bean
Origins:Starlight Trust Animal Rescue
Sex: Female
Birthday:Unknown. Guestimated 25th Nov 2008
Weight: 300g
Variety: black hooded
Cage: Sayama
Health: Chest infection Oct '09, cleared with baytril.
Personality: Bouncy and cannot be suppressed.
Status: Non-breeding, entire.

beans beans2