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Welcome to Valiance Rats

Website last updated on 20th November 2016.

For information on future litters please see the planned litters page and please read our homing policy before applying for kittens.

I firmly believe that helping rats as a pet species requires breeding towards improved health and temperament and helping to support those bred irresponsibly. This is why we are heavily involved in both the breeding aspect of rats and rescuing those in need too.

My main project is breeding away from end of life illness in the hope of pushing the boundaries of 'about two years', which is the pet rat's current expected lifespan. This is a complicated thing to select for in a breeding line and involves a multi-pronged strategy. The main variety expected in this line is chocolate in top ear and dumbo. Occasionally black, agouti, havana, havana agouti and chocolate agouti will be available.

I have two side projects currently. One is promoting Russian Blue - which I wish to preserve within the fancy. Rat varieties go in and out of fashion and there are times when lots of people are breeding one thing, this is great for that variety but not so good if there is only one breeder left supporting less fashionable genes. I like the look of this variety and it has a special coat texture so I want to help maintain good show lines of it in the UK. Obviously I will not harm longevity and health in this line but I will not be specifically selecting for it either.

My other side project is merely for my own happiness. I really like russian silver fawn but it's not standardised and it's not bred by anyone else. It is an offshoot of the russian blue line and litters of russian silver fawn will be available less frequently than the others.

For more details about our lines and how things are progessing read our breeding information.

For details and pictures of the varieties we expect to see please go to our varieties page.